To learn about the company and mission of Goodship Co, we recently sat down to chat with Jody Hall, the co-founder of this amazing edibles company. The Goodship Co. is one of Washington’s premier edibles companies, with products like snickerdoodle cookies and coffee infused chocolate. We have known Jody for some time now, and to say that she has a decorated resumé would be an understatement, to say the least. Inspired by her experience in the industry, we wanted to dive in and find out what energizes her, what inspires her, and what drives her.  What we learned about her past experiences truly does help establish the ethos of her and her company.

Hall began her career in at Starbucks, working in marketing and strategy. She was tasked with marketing a company that, at the time, spent little to no money on advertising. During this time, Starbucks was well known but nowhere near what it is today. She worked within the book and music programs that we all know today and was behind creating the customer experience for which Starbucks is known. The concept for this was simple:Hall wanted to create a space and experience that was more than a coffee shop. She wanted to create a place for people to come together and be inspired. It was the start of her obsession with customer experience.

goodship_text_image1After her time with Starbucks, Hall moved on to create Cupcake Royale, a cupcake shop based out of Seattle, which developed a cult-like following. This is where Hall was really able to shine. Great products and ingredients were the start, but Hall knew that in order to create something truly different, she had to spend her time working on the human connection between her company and her customers. This idea has stayed with her throughout her career and continues with The Goodship Co.

The Goodship Co. was founded on the mission to inspire connection, joy, wonder, discovery and possibility. Cannabis is more than a product for Hall. Cannabis works as the platform through which she is able to address this mission. To Hall, cannabis is the catalyst for creativity, relationships, and experiences. While the cannabis serves as the catalyst, Hall has made the customer experience her driving force as she makes decisions and plans for the company. So, while Hall knows that cannabis is the foundation of this endeavor, her customers and their interactions with her product are what truly inspires her. Hall explained to us that she understands anyone can make a decent product in a pretty package, but to truly be a pioneer, you have to live by your mission.

“Everything pertaining to the Goodship Co. brand must inspire connection, joy, wonder, discovery, and possibility.”

In order to do this, Hall keeps five words from her mission statement in her back pocket at all times. Everything pertaining to the Goodship Co. brand must inspire connection, joy, wonder, discovery, and possibility. The Goodship Co. thrives on creating products that inspire people.

The Goodship has made it their mission to create a better edibles experience. Since cannabis has been legalized, stories of bad edible experiences have become commonplace. The Goodship Co. is out to change that. They provide their customers with instructions on how to use edibles, what to do if you get “too high”, and have even lowered their doses so anyone can enjoy their products.goodship_text_image2

The Goodship Co. takes their customer experience a step further to bridge the gap between what goes on with the company and how the customers interact with the company. For example, every month in Seattle, you can attend “Higher Education,” which, according to Goodship Co., is a “heady lecture series under heady influence.” Higher Education features intimate conversations in series, with topics ranging from space travel to food. Their intention is to broaden minds and inspire thought provoking conversations with their customers.

And what makes this all the more exciting is that this is just the beginning. The Goodship Co. has set out to raise the bar for legal cannabis. At Greenhead, we receive consistent praise for the edibles produced by Goodship Co.  Keep an eye out for future products and releases. Until then, we’ll see you on The Goodship!